A Historical Lottery: Europe to Appalachia and Beyond - A Ramsey Family Through 1500 Years of Social and Cultural Change

A Historical Lottery: Europe to Appalachia and Beyond - A Ramsey Family Through 1500 Years of Social and Cultural Change

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Author: Richard T. Childress

EISBN: 9781480927926

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 557

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Release Date: 2017-01-02

Details: This ambitious work spans 1500 years of history from the pagan Saxon area in continental Europe though England to lowland Scotland, Northern Ireland, and on to the American frontier. It draws upon published works that are summarized to describe the cultural, political, religious, and economic facets of European history that formed the values of millions of people with similar backgrounds as the Ramsey family.
The journey from Northern Ireland through the initial Ramsey immigration to Pennsylvania is detailed along with the subsequent migration through the Shenandoah Valley counties following the frontier into deep Appalachia in central West Virginia. More than genealogy or academic description of the subcultures encountered, the book humanizes the experiences with tragedy and triumph, local color, and detailed narratives of political and religious changes from the American Revolution through the Civil War and the end of the frontier.
The work contains never before published material on the Civil War in Appalachia that deeply affected the Ramsey family, collateral relatives, and the State of West Virginia. Included are photographs along with battle and migration maps. A section is also devoted to the Childress family, earlier migrants to the James River settlements, then to North Carolina and Virginia. The work includes colorful oral histories and substantial archival material from national repositories to local courthouses and historical societies. It attacks popular stereotypes of Appalachia while retaining its distinct character through time.

The work is intended to be a valuable contribution to descendants of the families within the book, but also a comprehensive reference work for Americans with similar ethnic origins in Europe that migrated with millions of others to the first American frontier.
It is supplemented with appendices covering military service, burial locations, pedigree charts, an extensive bibliography and a comprehensive index.